Humanitarian Action – A Running Marathon And An After Race Rock Show

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Many people have gathered today around a single cause. By running this marathon, they are all running for their own country. All these athletes are using their health and their freedom to promote the liberty and the well being of their own people and their country.

This is a huge charity action led by the leading athletes and it has only one goal, to raise public awareness about the conditions people live in. This marathon and the humanitarian rock show that will take place in the nearest hall are the fundraising efforts that should send the clear message to everyone who is ready to listen.

Running MarathonThis action is supposed to represent the culmination of the most important values of our people. People should be allowed and empowered to exercise their liberties and health in order to advocate for the well-being of our entire nation and show support to the ones who are doing so. This action is gathered around those people who made sure to provide every contestant with training materials and prepare them mentally and athletically for the run that is yet to come.

The goal is just

They have also provided the resources in case that anyone who wants to show their support by enlisting themselves or their families and people they know. There will be stands throughout the running route where people will be able to inform themselves about the cause and learn all details about the rock show that will take place after the race.

Local rock bands and enthusiasts welcomed this charity action with a big smile on their faces and they all have put endless personal efforts to get the all the necessary gear and make this show, in the honor of the marathon, actually happen.

Rock Show

At the gig, the promo material will be offered to all the people of good will. T-shirts, requisites, and fund raisers will be available to all participants and contestants who want to take action and show to the rest of the world that people can get together to a single cause when there is a great need to do so.

This Saturday, we will show that humanitarian and free spirit to everyone attending. Prizes will be provided for the winners of the race and we can all relax at the rock show that will crown the event.