Antelope Canyon Race

By Terry Green / 08/23/2017
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For the true lover of adrenaline, an Antelope canyon is a place which will test your limits and patience. The registration is open now, and the race is scheduled for the February 23rd and 24th, 2018. It includes two tracks, 100 miler, and 50 miler, depending on your skills and physical readiness, choose the appropriate route for you. Besides the competition, the participants will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery overlooking parts of Glen Canyon and Lake Powell. Considering that Antelope canyon race requires a lot of effort, the participants will have the right to use time cutoffs, when they reach 50M, the cutoff will be 15 hours, and when they get to 55k, they will have 11 hours.

Canyon RaceYou can carry a bag with you, but they must be labeled with a name in bigger print. Members can dispose bags at any aid station. A tip which can help you; store an additional tag, if yours comes off. The bags should be labeled the day before the race, it will take you less time, and you will come ready. Make sure to avoid placing any valuable things into bags. The organizers won’t be responsible if you lose something. The minimum size is a gallon size freezer zip lock, and the maximum size is shoe box for single pass. Small duffle bags can be used for aid stations.

The aid stations will include to the following list of items: water, fresh cut fruit, an electrolyte, a couple of salty and sweet items and soda. Later in the race, the aid stations will have real cooked meals, such as boiled potatoes, tortillas with Nutella, various types of sandwiches, a variety of candies, sunscreens and first aid supplies. From the list above, you can see we have covered the entire event, so there is no need to stuff your bag, only bring absolutely necessary things with you.

Canyon Race

The main route will the mark with the pink flags. Any other variations and modifications will be marked will be marked with the color of your bib, and any tricky routes will be marked with arrows. The whole racing track will be marked with a high reflective tape so that runners can have a sense of orientation during the night.

The runner is obligated to check at every aid station, look for a worker who is wearing an orange vest and hand him your bib number. If participants fail to check, they will be disqualified. If you decided to drop out of the race, you must turn in your number to the closest aid station. If you fail to perform this procedure, you will be charged will all search party costs.