Neymar With A Stunning Performance For PSG

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As you might know, the football star player Neymar has left Barcelona and signed a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain. A lot of people and football fans were shocked and surprised to see this happen, but after all, it is a sport and money is the main thing that controls everything. Neymar was a great player when he first arrived to play for Barcelona, but during those years he became even a better player and more importantly for him, he made himself known in this sport.

Neymar PSG

Nowadays, the name Neymar is very popular and everyone knows who is he. That type of fame has a lot to do with his skills as well as with Barcelona. After all, Barcelona is one of the most popular and well-known football teams in the world. They have players famous such as Leo Messi playing for them. Even if you are not a football fan you most certainly know who these people are because everyone is talking about them.

Neymar’s Debut in PSG

NeymarAfter signing a new contract with PSG, the time has come that Neymar shows them that he is worth the money that they have put into him. Having such an expensive player on your team is a great advantage but also you must not forget about the price tag that he has. PSG bought Neymar for a very big amount of money and they want to see results. Of course, from a player like Neymar, you only expect top results. The first game Neymar was playing in was 20.08.2017. and it was against Toulouse. Every football fan was waiting for this game for a long time, not because these two teams will play against each other, but because it will be the first game Neymar plays in after he changed teams.

Changing teams is not a small thing when it comes to football, especially when you are a famous player such as Neymar. As mentioned, he became very popular when he played for Barcelona, and people were a little sad when they have announced that he will be leaving Barcelona for some other team. His fans were extremely upset, that is because they understand and know that Barcelona is the best place for such a player as Neymar. However, his debut for PSG was outstanding and his fans can now slowly accept that he will still be good, but playing for a new team.

In this game, he scored two goals and assisted on also two. The end result and score was PSG-6 TFC-2. One of the goals that Neymar scored was extremely satisfying to watch because we were able to see pure skill put to the test with a solo goal.