Mayweather Vs McGregor Situation Constantly Heating Up

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If you are watching or reading any type of sports news, then you are most certainly aware of the biggest fight in the boxing world that will happen on August 26. This is the fight of the century that is for sure, there is so much hype and talk about this fight that there is nobody on the planet that didn’t hear about it. Of course, the main thing that made this fight so popular is the fact that the two fighters are the best at what they do. Floyd Mayweather is a professional boxer that is definitely more popular than McGregor. However, Conor is not a fighter that you should underestimate just because he is not so popular in the boxing community.

mcgregor vs mayweather

Conor is a mix martial arts fighter who has no boxing background. of course, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to box, but that he is not a professional boxer, he is a professional MMA fighter. Boxing and MMA have a lot of things in common, usually much more than people might think. That is because the first things that any fighter learns are the basic boxing techniques. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the skills of Conor.

Change of Plans

If you have been watching this fight build up, then you probably know about all the press conferences and their world tour that they have been doing. During this world tour, the two fighters have been going at each other constantly talking bad about their opponent. This is of course, very pleasing and interesting to all of their fans and a huge number of them always showed up on these showdowns to support their favorite.

During one of these showdowns, both of the fighters have mentioned that they want to change the size of the gloves. Of course, this change will play in the benefit of the younger Conor McGregor because he is used to fighting with very small and light gloves in the MMA octagon. Where on the other hand, Floyd would do much better with the bigger and heavier glove because he has the experience and he is used to boxing in those gloves. We can only assume that it was Connor who brought it out first that there should be some changes to the glove sizes. Now it is official that the gloves will be 8oz for the fight, which makes a huge difference and can change the entire outcome of this fight.