Mayweather Vs McGregor The Fight Of The Century

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Even though this is not the first time that a crossover has happened in the ring when it comes to people that love to fight, this will surely be one of the most remembered. This can be for several reasons, of which we will name a few. Let’s start off by saying that even if this is not the first, it is one of the more serious ones. While mix style fights have happened in the past they were more comical or some other reason other than to see how two people in their prime will fight against each other. This fight brings out the best in both sports as both fighters are in their prime, they both have a sea of followers which, and let’s not forget that both of these fighters are the best in their own league.

Is offense the best defense or vice versa?

Mayweather vs Mcgregor

While Mayweather is known as the king of defense and McGregor is known for his aggressive attacking attitude it is practically impossible to predict which style will win over the other. Mayweather has quick movement and the fight will be performed in the boxing style which is Mayweather’s main style. However, McGregor has said several times, that a mix martial artist like him not only knows how to box but also has several other mechanics from which he can pull out unpredictable movement which will bring him the victory.

Why is this fight important?

McGregor-MayweatherDuring their careers, they have built up a big name for themselves as they both have had incredible fights behind them, and even though some are controversial as to which should have won in certain situations, they both have the belts to prove that they are at the top of their game. McGregor has even several belts under him as he has jumped from a couple weight categories so he can collect as many as he can. But when it comes down to the sports, this fight is even more important than the average joe can comprehend. What we mean by this is that this fight can set a precedent for future fights, where in the near future we can see more crossovers from different fighting genres that will not only benefit the fans and the wallets of the fighters but can also benefit the sport.

In truth, every sportsman can hit a wall and if he can dominate the field for years and the crossover can put a new spin on the sport where the athletes will have to push themselves, even more, to achieve what was previously thought impossible.