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Steven Whittaker and Jordan Archer have been called to fill up the ranks of Scotland. If you do not recall who Jordan Archer is, we will refresh your memory. Jordan helped Millwall to get into the English Championship and he was a Millwall goalkeeper for a very long period of time. Whittaker is now 33 years old but he still has it in him and he still can make that goal net shake with thunderous kicks.

Matt RitchieOne of the most famous duos comprised of Grant Hanley and Matt Ritchie both of Newcastle will be joining the World Cup once again. They will be up and ready to help their team against Malta and Lithuania. The word is that Manchester City is about to pull off the transfer that the public has been on about for days now. There are even some rumors that this could be the transfer coup of the year.

Daily records are claiming that the officials of Manchester City have met with the representatives of Lionel Messi and discussed the possibilities of this move. If the terms are right, this could be the most important transfer in the world of football and sports. Even though Messi signed a new contract with his long-term home club Barcelona somewhere in July this year, there are reports that are not happy there and is looking for new opportunities.

One of the best football players in the world could find his new home in Manchester City but it is still early to assume anything. It seems that Barcelona is losing its players rapidly since Anders Iniesta is also willing to leave the club and seek for other opportunities. There are reports that Messi could be reuniting with his former manager Pep Guardional for the upcoming transfer.