Choosing The Best Fairway Woods For Absolute Beginners

Fairway Woods

What Are Fairway Woods?

If you are into golf, then you will have to start searching for the right golf equipment. The fairway woods is a term which is used to refer to higher-number woods, which are designed to be used for shots which require long distance. There are two distinct features which grace fairway woods, and those are a higher loft to lift the ball off the turf and a shallower face height which allows hitting the ball using the center of the club. This is also what accounts for the greater distance being achieved. Also, these two features are quite useful for other shots as well, and not just distance shots.

fairwayWhile there are many modern club sets which include just one fairway wood, it is usually advisable that you get more than one. Each clubmaker offers a different club, so especially for beginners, it is important to learn how to get the one which will help up your game. This is why in the text that follows you will have the opportunity to read more about the Best Fairway Woods For Beginners especially, because as it has been said, all golf players use these clubs so that it happens that some manufacturers produce golf clubs which are better for beginners.

Adams Blue Fairway Wood

The woods which are produced by Adams Blue Golf, are probably the best choice for a beginner. They allow you to hit the ball with more precision and it is more enjoyable to use them than some other clubs. The launch system they use is called “Easy Launch, ” and it can be useful for both beginners and experienced golfers. This manufacturer allows you to choose from more than one option and they offer you the three wood (16 degrees), five wood (18 degrees) and seven wood (21 degrees).

Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood

Another great option for beginners is this manufacturer and the large contoured clubs, which have a comforting and familiar feel to them. The sole is fantastic for shots which are on slopes and lies as well. You can choose from 15 lofted three wood and 19 lofted five wood options, which are made in red color and with a graphite shaft. The matte finish is what attracts most buyers, but its performance is definitely what makes it popular among golfers.

Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood

The number three on our list has a 20g moveable weight, how cool is that! This means you can change the center of gravity of the clubhead with a slight adjustment of the lightweight plastic shell which you can position on the sole. If you more it to the back, it will increase the spin and launch height, whereas if you move it to the front, it will reduce the spin and the launch height. This clubhead is perfect for beginners, but it is also very interesting for experienced golfers. The wood is available in a single loft, or can be adjusted from 13 -16 degrees, which makes it a roughly between the 3-4 wood.