The Biggest World Championship Opens In Style

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When you think about huge sports championships, you don’t think about concerts or someone singing. However, when it comes to the world championship, you must have an opening ceremony that will get this championship going. Of course, this is something that is happening every year, but each year the world championship is located in a different place. In 2017. The IAAF World Championship was held in London. Of course, the part of the opening ceremony was dedicated to welcoming all the athletes, but one part of it was dedicated to a British soul singer Rebecca Ferguson.

Incredible Opening Ceremony

IAAF World ChampionshipRebecca Ferguson was chosen to sing during the opening ceremony because she is a British singer after all, and they needed someone who will sing their national anthem. There cannot be a world championship if you don’t sing the national anthem of the country you are in. therefore, Rebecca Ferguson was chosen to sing the national anthem of Great Britain. Of course, she wasn’t there to perform only the national anthem, she has the chance to perform one of her hit songs called ‘Glitter and Gold’ in front of that great audience that was preparing to watch the world championship.

As always, the performance of Rebecca Ferguson was outstanding and incredible, people were pleasantly surprised with the performance because nobody was expecting such opening ceremony. This was just like any other Rebecca Ferguson concerts, the only difference was that the audience wasn’t prepared for the singing because they came to see the world championship. This was definitely a pleasant surprise for everyone that came that first day. The opening ceremony went well and the world championship started without any issues what so ever. The championship began with the preliminary round of men’s 100m which started around 7 pm.