October’s Big Concert At Yachting Race, San Diego

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San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States, known for its beautiful weather and pristine beaches. People who are visiting for the first time will be amazed by a delicious food and a stunning ocean view at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. San Diego also offers a variety of sports activities and one of the is yachting race. While the racing takes place just five meters from the shore of Harbor Island, the entire city is crowded at this time of the year. The visitors, as well as, participants are enjoying the nice weather and this exciting event. Some of them even take a long vacation to spend a couple of days here longer.

The race is scheduled for October, between 19th and 22nd, 2017. Every year organizers set up a nice environment and a lot of exciting events for the crowd. This year it was announced the performance of the American band Muse and some local San Diego bands which will be performing the greatest hits in the music industry. We are expecting the arrival of a big audience. Tickets for the concert will be retailed online, but visitors can also buy them on the day of the show, at entrance gates. The price for the individual ticket is $20, and VIP is $30.

Yacht RacingYou are welcome to join us and enjoy excellent music, weather, and people. Considering that Muse performs alternative rock music, it wasn’t widely recognized across the U.S., until the boys from this bend recorded a soundtrack song for a popular movie Twilight. Their songs are painfully honest, full of emotions, but explosive and sharp. In the recent years, they started to create more modern rhythms, since the musical taste of the audience has changed drastically. But, they’ve kept their recognizable melody combined with powerful vocals.

The visitors must come at least two hours earlier because the organizers announced that they are expecting the big crowd. So, if you are a fan of beautiful weather, adrenaline race, and captivating music, then you should come to San Diego and enjoy this magnificent event.